4 things to do before writing an essay

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As well as the writing process itself, preparing for the delivery of an essay is an important step that teachers recommend not to neglect. In order not to waste time and organize your mode, follow these 4 points, and then the earth from under your feet just will not leave, and the exam will pass with ease!

1. Plan your time

Scheduling is the first step to an ideal essay. Take time to effectively brainstorm and perform relevant research. Do not forget about the actual writing of the essay, paying attention to writing as a draft, and the final version. By following the timeline for a couple of days, you will understand how much time you have spent on a particular task, and then you will be able to adjust the schedule.

2. Decide on a research question.

This may seem obvious, but perhaps the most important part of the preparation is to understand which problem you want to solve with the help of an essay. If the task is to analyze a particular situation, no need to be full of examples. Highlight the keywords on the topic and answer the question in your own words, it will be a useful lesson.

3. Plan your research

Your research for the essay should be systematic. Embrace the immensity here will not work, so worry only about what concerns your topic. Decide how much research is needed to write an essay. How many books or articles should you read? What online resources do you need to learn? Are there other resources to help you solve the topic? The data obtained from these sources will form the basis for your own research (do not neglect them!)

4. Structure the information received.

So, you have collected material, conducted the necessary research. Already felt like a superman? Wait a bit. Experts advise you to go back a step and check again whether you understood the topic correctly, whether you picked up the arguments. If everything is correct, put it in the right order of thought and get to work!

And one more important point. You probably know that the essay needs an introductory paragraph, main body and conclusion, but you can make a plan to reflect the main ideas. Consider creating headlines for the main body based on the different points of view that you plan to consider. It will help you in writing the perfect essay.